About prints

The prints you see in this site are not art reproductions. There is a lot confusion about this term. In French they don’t have this problem- they have Estampe for a print produced by printmaking techniques. Copie for something that comes out of a printer. Réproduction for printed reproduced art. And finally Glicée which is special archival inkjet that is used for photography. That’s four separate terms for English’s one.

The prints I make as an artist are Estampes which is to say by printmaking techniques. These techniques all involve a plate, some ink and either a press or baren and thick art paper. The plate can be: metal- copper, zinc or aluminum; acrylic sheeting (optix a type of plexiglass); cardboard; wood; lino or stone. Lines and tone are carved, cut, scraped, engraved, burnished, glued or etched into the surface depending on the plate type or method chosen. Some plates are even welded (not something I’ve tried…yet). Ink is applied to the finished plate and then the design is transferred to paper either mechanically with a press or by hand with a baren. It is art with a lot of technical skill. I love it!

I hope this very brief intro has given a little insight into what you see here on my site!