Craft for kids – kaleidoscope

The view inside of the kaleidoscope

This is another craft for parents to do with their children, that I originally made with the library summer reading club. The materials needed are common materials found at home and in the recycling box. It is for children aged 5 to 11, although younger children may need help or supervision with the cutting (with scissors). This is the link for the pdf. There is a learning component (STEM) to this craft and I have included links below to some science material for reflection.

List of material and equipment needed

  • The pattern printed on to cardstock
  • if you don’t have cardstock print the pattern on regular paper and glue to cereal box (light thin cardboard)
  • paper towel roll (you only need 1/2 for one kaleidoscope)
  • tinfoil
  • a small amount of clear rigid plastic (plastic containers that berries come in are perfect for this)
  • small straw from a plastic juice box (washed out)
  • a bamboo skewer ( the type used for making shish-kabobs)
  • alternatively you can use a large straw and a small straw to replace the bamboo skewer (the small straw should be able to rotate inside the large straw)
  • plastercine, sticky tack or playdough
  • tape (scotch or masking)
  • glue stick or liquid glue
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • coloured markers
  • optional – sequins and construction paper

I am including a link to the instructional video as there a lot of parts for this craft:

Learning component- Ask you child about what they are seeing inside the kaleidoscope. A good part of science is learning how to observe. Talk them about reflection, why do some materials like mirrors or a shiny spoon reflect more then others? (They are smoother.) Why are the reflected shapes seen in a different direction than the original shape? (They are being reflected at an angle.) This are a couple of science links on youtube ,