Creative Reuse

I am participating in an exhibition in the Atrium Showcase at the Shenkman Centre. Ottawa-Gatineau Printmaking Connective members were challenged to create new works of art by using stage or trial proof prints, or recycled, reclaimed materials to create prints. “Swallows Landing” the piece I created uses both trial proof prints and reclaimed material in the form of lamp wire, lampshade parts and unrecyclable plastic. The lamp wire and lampshade were from an old lamp that I had refurbished and was destined for the metal recycling plant. It was great to rethink a print into a 3 dimensional form using what I had in my studio.

The 27 artworks form this is a fabulous, colourful and whimsical exhibition that will cheer up the whole family while being thought-provoking.  I hope you will get a chance to visit, and bring your friends.  The other members participating are: Luigina Baratto, Valerie Bridgeman, Susan MW Cartwright, Murray Dineen, Carol Howard Donati, Deidre Hierlihy, Freida Hjartarson, Denise Lachance, Aileen Leo, Pamela Levac, Shealagh Pope, Rod Restivo, Madeleine Rousseau, Beth Shepherd and Roger Sutcliffe. 

Creative Reuse in Printmaking goes on till May 30, 2022 at the Shenkman Arts Centre 245 Centrum BLVD Orleans.   It is likely the OGPC will be able to hold a Meet the Artists event in the afternoon of April 3, in conjunction with other exhibitions at the Shenkman.!! Keep the date! More info to come later.