Play and Experimentation- Artist Talk

I will be hosting an artist talk at the Stone School Gallery in person and online on my Facebook page – P cubed Tina Petrovicz Artist! Sunday October 11th starting at 1:30pm until 3pm. Attend by coming to the gallery or visiting my Facebook page event. There is an interactive component to the talk where at the end of sections there are questions that you can answer and at the end of the talk there will be a Q &A. So you can follow along I have created a handout which you can download as a PDF here.

If you are following along online, you can post comments or questions in the chat. I will try and respond during the talk, but because of the timelag I may not get to them before the talk ends. But I promise to visit the chat either later that day or the next to respond to any missed questions or comments as this talk will live online and we can continue the conversation.

Play , disregarded as nonsensical, is an important building block of structured learning, where the outcome is not predicable. I will talk about the different elements and scenarios that allow for play and experimentation to happen and how they contribute to learning and growth of one’s artistic practice.