Surroundings: Perceptions and Impressions

Exhibit Trinity Gallery Salon A

Oct 24 to Nov 26, 2019

About the show

I am intrigued by the mechanisms of perception and I like to use everyday familiar subjects to examine this. This body of work focuses on this theme in a time of hyper-visual stimuli and the manner in which we interact with our surroundings that effects our perception. My starting point is to ask specific questions. .  I start by either taking photos of specific places or searching through my existing photos, which resonate with the question. I then begin layering or splicing different parts together,  often adding drawn elements to the composition of these constructed scenes. These images which form my answers either contribute as a guide to making a plate which creates the intaglio prints or to an animating device. Incorporating different techniques of mark making to add to the impression of this construct. The finished plate is inked and ran through the press to make the fine art prints in the show.

The imagery of the prints and devices included give the impression of how we move through a scene or scenes that capture movement. They show how this interaction causes a distortion in what we remember about the space and/or about changes in our focus.

I am also using technology not only for its playful nature as way to engage but also as a reminder of that technology now plays a role in our perception.

Artwork Videos

Part of this project includes 16 short videos that accompany the exhibit. It serves as a virtual artist talk. Visitors to the gallery can view the videos by reading QR codes on the artwork labels with their cellphones. For those who are unable to access the QR codes or who cannot come to the gallery the following is a list of links that when clicked on will take you to the videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

  1. Introduction to the Exhibit
  2. Russell Crows Montage
  3. Blackburn Tower behind the Trees
  4. L’ Arbre à Rouleau
  5. Nothing there but Wind & Grass
  6. Uplift
  7. Des Fous de Mont Joli
  8. View to the North
  9. Caught the Wind
  10. Woodlot Path
  11. Following the Admiral
  12. Walking Up the Pier Road
  13. The Pine
  14. Wind Picking up at Fairy Hill
  15. Incoming
  16. Foggy Morning
  17. Bonus video

Because Artwork doesn’t happen in a void

I, Tina Petrovicz gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the ARTicipate Endowment Fund.

Also I am sending out a big shout out to the maker community who answered my questions and who post their Arduino projects on Github, they were a great source of learning. Thank you Ralph Nevin for being a great resource and Marc Lavoie whose programming knowledge fixed multiple error messages! I would also like to acknowledge Ruben Komangapik, whose artwork contains QR codes that link to amazing videos, for inspiring me to use QR codes in this show. Finally Thank you to the City of Ottawa and the Shenkman Centre for hosting this exhibit!