Take Classes

 Last year I found myself unsatisfied at my job and in a slump because, except for photography, I hadn’t managed to complete any art in a long time. I would get stuck doing a piece and couldn’t get past a problem I saw, or I’d have a great idea and not have the technical know-how to do it. In the last 14 months I have taken 9 classes and 3 workshops. The experience has been awesome; the teachers and interacting with fellow students. Most of the classes I took were with Ottawa School of Art. I’ve been able to experiment, use different equipment (printing presses are so much cooler than using a baren) and experience different approaches.  Definitely look at the teachers’ artwork. Are they using a new technique that you want to use? Or do they paint so well that it takes your breath away? Even if it’s a type of art that you don’t do, if something draws you to it, try their class.