Use an ipad

Lately I have been using my ipad to explore different ideas and even changes to a piece. I know I paint in a more traditional way and even though alot of my subject matter tends towards the every day,  I am not a technophobe. I love using the camera on my ipad to take pictures of something that I want to manipulate. Using the app Procreate, I import the picture to the program and then I can play with it. Generally I create layers. In a layer I make changes, like darking an area and then turn on and off the layer to see a “before” and “after”. Or sometime I have an idea that I want explore and I can use one of my photos and trace it or cut it into parts and rearrange it, even expand certain parts. I find I have more confidence when I am actually creating the piece because I have seen previews of the possibilities. Personally I like Procreate: it was inexpensive and it’s super easy to use.