Web apps and templates

I bought an app for my WordPress template to create for the new look for displaying and organizing my portfolio. With the old portfolio template, I had to create a project for each piece and then date it a specific way to display on the home page (this section has been removed) and the main art page. It was cumbersome, long and the print portion of my portfolio looked like a rec room after a teenager’s party. It looked like a good time was had, but it was a mess.  A rethink was needed for this website. But I am not a web designer, so it has some glitches and will need some polishing which I will have to outsource, so I apologize for that. It is also slow going as I have created a lot of new work this last year, so the image files all need editing before they are uploaded. On the upside, you get to see my new work in a fresh responsive, interactive way, and once the big overhaul is done it will be much faster and easier for me to get my new artwork on this site.